It's the first year!

5:43 PM

Yay! Congratulations to me!
My so-called blog is already running for a year!

Can you believe it?
I asked it because, I can't & don't expect it. La ~
I had this blog before but then I dropped it & almost delete it,
but oh well, it's not into use. For now...

As you can see, I centered all the texts I type down...
"Maybe, because this is a special day?"
If you think the line above, well, you just got it correctly.
If no, well, then it is no. (I think you're thinking something else :P)

Okay. I want to compensate on the days that I was so lazy...
and make this post, longer as the usual.
Gah. I really hate it when I opened my account here and click "New Post"
then afterwards or few minutes, I will click the "Sign Out"
It always happen. I don't know.
My mind went blank whenever I want to write or rather rant.
Just like what I'm doing right now.
Anyway, I think nobody read this or even care right? So it's okay :D

*clears throat*

Okay so, firstly, I want to thank you blogger for letting me have a blog or diary blog. ♥
& for publishing my post even if it's just nonsense,
& for letting me meet awesome bloggers & friends here.

Secondly, I want to thank the one who made this cool layout that I really love.
It's so cute ♥ Don't you think so?

Thirdly, I want to thank those people who follow.
Really when I put the follow apps in this blog, I didn't expect or even hope of having one follower.
I just put it there for a decoration or something, but then I got not only one.. but fourteen. La la la la la
♥ ♥ ♥
Thank you all!
Love. Love. Love from me.

(Ohh. this isn't what I said. Longer than usual. *sighs*)


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