CHRISTmas Day!

4:57 AM

Worry-free day! Christmas Day!

This day was a bit gloomy again. I don't know why. It's Christmas, we should be happy. But why would I feel such feelings?!! Is it because of the sky earlier? I looked at it. It's full of gray clouds with a gloomy presence.

This is the first I celebrated the Christmas in our own home and we're complete this year, our whole family. And I'm here.. full of worries. Worries that's so nonsense, that it's a waste of time worrying about. Letting my day go to waste. I myself do that. That's why it's annoying. Why do I keep worrying to such things?!

Then, there's my bespren/kapatid/Labs whom I exchanged text messages with. I told her about it. About those things bothering my mind. 'Cause I can't keep it anymore. It's really heavy to carry for a long time and I'm not strong enough to subdue that. When I finished telling her that, she gives me advices and comforting me with kind words that a good and honest friend will say. And when I read it again, half of my worries washed away. Thanks to her! I miss her and Love her so much! I hope she can read it. Love Lots Labs!

And there's my dad, who was so thoughtful and give a massage that was so relaxing. It washed away my worries completely. Really, Father knows best. Love him too, so much!! 


After months of not reading this manga for the reason of waiting it's next chapter. Here I am again, reading and wanting it. Actually, I'm done reading it. This chapter made me cry. It was so overwhelming for me. Mixed emotions.

Now, I gladly tell you readers that the two new chapters of Dengeki Daisy is now released! I miss this manga! And now I'm waiting for scanlating of the next chapters to finished. Can't wait!

Miss Heart.Hikary Makino


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