Goodbye Fifteen!

3:15 PM

-clears throat- Ok. So I will gonna start my ramble...
As you read this, the time continues to move. The clock's still ticking, rounding it. And after twelve midnight I will turn sixteen. Yes, my 15th year here in this earth would come to a close... and another 16th year awaits me. So, my year wasn't that bad after all. It was sort of a mixture. A happy, unforgettable days. Those not so good times. But as they said, you just had to look on the positive side. I used to be pessimist and still am. Although it was only 35%. Not like before..That aside, I hope we're complete tomorrow. I mean, my family. But I doubt it. He was working somewhere far from us. Working really hard is the right term actually...
Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be good ~
Love lots from me. (Sorry for the boring post...)
Ja ne'

Dengeki Daisy
"I have already belonged to you so long ago." - Tasuku Kurosaki(Ch.42)
Gakuen Alice
Episode 1-7
Kimi ni Todoke
Chapter 42-47


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