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I've been slacking off at blogging these days. I miss blogger. Whenever I open my blog and click "New Post", laziness seems constantly hitting me furiously. *sighs* Though I have a lot of things in mind especially currents and some updates. Anyhow, I should have start my yapping. Well, my day starts pretty annoying. I slept late.. maybe around 1 am and been disturbed around 4 am. OH MY, I really hate being disturbed because I had a hard time sleeping. Then around 5 am I woke up again and this time, I can't sleep. My head and eyes hurt but I still couldn't sleep. But after a while I managed too. xD
That aside, I noticed just now - or maybe I just doesn't put it into notice but I always know about this ever since I chose the layout - that it's pretty ironic to had a URL saying "Idoloveblue" while having a theme full of different shades of pink and blue was nowhere in sight. LOL

Another by the way, I have a wonderful dinner tonight. There's this chocolate cake dessert that was really delicious. YUM! YUM!


What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. I'm so glad that I had a chance to read this wonderful book. I can really relate into it. I mean, the personality crisis that the main character faced through the novel. Feeling scared and confused on being entangled or attached in either friends and a lover for the reason that they moved a lot, Mclean and her father. Her parents were divorced and her mother married another man who was a coach or something of their family's most loved sport, basketball. By it,  their love in basketball had vanished with the relationship of Mclean to her mother on which she avoided as much as she can. Then, there's this place, Lakeview, where they met a lot of people and their life or hers changed. She became herself and does not afraid anymore into entanglements. The story ended well. Although, it really focus on Mclean being herself and her acceptance of things. It was so nice of David Wade, the guy who likes her and in return she let herself do the same. David or Dave is a very genius guy who was a son of scientists. He's sweet. He did something so sweet that it made me cry. The novel was so good, Sarah Dessen's novels were really captivating. I will read all of them. I finished This Lullaby and currently reading The Truth about Forever. Another two great novels of Sarah Dessen.

Playful Kiss(aired in Philippines). Starring Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo and Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni with Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu and Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra. I didn't watch the whole series. I've been into it in the beginning, maybe 5 episodes or 6 then on the last 10 episodes I guess. It was so nakakakilig! Sorry I don't know the english of that word. So I really love the last 10 episodes especially when KHJ admit -at last- that he loves her. Though it's a bit late and he still keeps on being rude at her at some times but at the end, being so sweet that I really want to be in Ha Ni's position. HAHAHA. Well, I also like Jigo-Bong and the girl who likes him. She's pretty and even give him a name(Jigo-bong). I also love Minna(Yoon Seung Ah), Ha Ni's friend. She's so cute! And I was so shocked that she was already 26 when she looked like only in her early twenties. I'd read some articles about Playful Kiss before being aired here in PH that it really didn't get the hearts of the viewers(I think it's pertaining to Koreans) but it's been sold worldwide because there're a lot of fans of KHJ. 
I wasn't addicted but wasn't disappointed too. It was great. Let's see what's yours. Why not watch it if you still didn't?

Bokura ga Ita. This anime is so heartwrenching. I cried on almost all episodes and even chapters. Though the anime only covered the 30th chapter of the manga, I still want to watch the anime with lovely songs. This anime is really a must watch. There's a lot to say but I will write it into my review about this when I finished the anime. 4 more episodes to go. Find it in my other blog here, Let's Live Positively when I have the review.

Watching: Bokura ga Ita(Ep. 23)
~ Baka Yano! I love Take ♥

Will Watch: Ouran High School Host Club(2nd time)
~ already watched it before so I'm gonna refresh it on my mind.

Read: What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen
~ lovely

Song: Stupid Cupid by Mandy Moore
~ (dance) (dance) (dance)

"The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept and silence sealed." 
- Charlotte Bronte


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