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The truth about forever by Sarah Dessen
Finally! Done reading it! And I was like crying... It was so sweet. I totally love the characters. Especially, Wesley Baker. I love so many things about the book: the way it was written, the storyline, the character's personalities, those moments together of Wes and Macy(They had a lot). I like how Sarah made the characters so lovable and so awesome and adorable and cute♥ even though they had the flaws and imperfection etched in them. It was so great of her. Sarah Dessen is my idol! I want to be as good as her. And I have to step to that thousands steps first before I will get to her. xD
Okay, so I really love the book that even though I was only halfway through the end, I already blog it. haha. Well, anyway, it was, for me, the best so far. I only read 3 novels of Sarah Dessen and would read them all. I like Sarah's books! By the way, I also like the game they played(Macy & Wes), The Truth. And the way they fell in that hole called LOVE without knowing it, and it's too late to find the way out because they want to stay! OH MY! That was so lovely! I love the ending! I love everything! ♥
So I was doing the redundancy again.. forgive me for that.You see, when I'm getting excited and hyper this thing happens, my posts were not in order... 
But I just can't help it!! I want to read this again!!! ♥
Love Wesley Baker.

Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik
The storyline was good. The way it was written was also good. The characters were good. The narration, good. When I read this book, my mind told me, oh, interesting! Go read it. And I was like, read it for two days and finished it. When I finished it, I was like... That's the ending? I mean, it didn't seem as one. It was like just the half of the book. I don't know. I was really shocked that it was the finale of it. I know everything is settled. They were happy. Misunderstandings had been solved. They were finally a couple(Derek and Elise). Or so I thought they become one(that's didn't literally written but I had a feeling they were, HAHA). Elise's sister already said that she love Chase. So, that's the ending. That happy couple under the tree. Hand in hand. And the girl looked at the sky, saw a shooting star but the guy said it was not. It was just a plane. Then asked her what would you wish if you really see one. And girl said only on her mind,
I had no problem wishing on an airplane.
I just couldn't think of anything left to wish for.

But I would tell you, I enjoy reading the novel. ♥
(You see, I like contradicting myself xD)

The Firm by John Grisham
This thrilling novel of John Grisham really gave me a goosebumps. As in GOOSEBUMPS! Or those chills running up to spine. Its suspense was leaving me breathless and its intensity made me so excited that I keep on wondering of what will happen next. It was a great read! The first few chapters were already captivating, given that it was the introduction of this and that and some creepy conversation of the successful lawyers of Bendini, Lambert & Locke with DeVasher, the surveillance man. The middle part added another excitement. Those secret meetings between Mitch and Wayne, the FBI agent. Those hidden and secret conversation between the two and those cautious and careful conversation between the lovable couple, Mitch and Abby Mcdeere. I was really hooked up to it. Can't sleep because of too much thinking about the book. When finally I was on the last ten chapters, I was mumbling to myself! Cheering for the Mcdeeres. It's the most thrilling, exciting, and heart-throbbing scenes. I would occasionally stopped reading 'coz my face went hot for the happenings. Really, I was out of breath many times. And I also shared those fearful feelings they had, I don't want them to be caught of course. I was secretly cheering for them. Not really fond of the Law Firm Lawyers. Though, I would like to thank Lamar Quin and those who helped them escape! It was a successful escape! So in short, i like it. ♥

I would like to share some quotations.

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." - Mark Twain

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Marcus Tullius Cicero 

"So many books, so little time." - Frank Zappa

Bye ~


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