Happy First Anniversary!

7:29 AM

Another Happy greeting! The day before yesterday it was Takumi Usui's - my love's - birthday. Haha. And now it's our first year anniversary not me and Usui. But me and my family here in hometown now.
It's been a year since we lived here. We were like strangers when we came here. We knew no one. I felt sad 'coz I'm against it, I don't want to leave my friends back there in which I lived for almost 10 years. Yes. Three-fourths of my life was spent there. And here we are in this place adjusting, again. This is not the first time we've transfer. We transfer for 4 times already. twice in the same place but not same house. Adjusting time done and here we are now. Almost changed, particularly me. I changed a lot or rather I improved not a lot but a little. Haha. Confusing ha? Then, we went to school meet new classmates and schoolmates again.Like the last school year, we were transferee, me and my siblings and now here we are again. Well, the year gone so fast. It was incredibly fast. I graduated already in high school. Missed my classmates. Be sad to what happened and long to what not happened to me.

I must say it's not that bad to be here. It's good actually. Again, Happy first year anniversary to us!

Re-Reading: Night Road by Kristin Hannah (on my cellphone)
Read: Hiyokoi (Nishiyama, Hiyori and Hirose, Yuushin)
Listened: Waiting outside the lines, and Need you by Travie Mccoy
Watched: 2nd episode of Itazura na Kiss
Loved: Takumi Usui even more. <3 Haha
Adored: Zen Wistaria, Ian O'shea, Kazehaya Shouta, Zachary Farraday, Christopher Treem
Missed: my classmates, formers and the last one
Cherished: good memories

Lame post again eh?
Yeah. Forgive me. Well, my eyes stung from crying. That book of Kristin Hannah, Night Road, made me cried a dozen times(exaggerated again). I cried many times that's it. xD
Ja ne'


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