As the clock strike twelve

7:04 AM

 Clocks clicking forward
Time passing by
It is almost the end of the year
How I wish I spent it more dearly

Sounds beating loudly
Colorful lights shines above
It's the feeling of new year
How I love to celebrate this day

Okay... enough with the un-rhymed poem.
Really, would you even call it a poem?
*Ha. Ha*

Well, it's almost January One
I heard various fireworks...
And music blasting on full volume.
It's been a year again, and here I am facing another year.

This is an amazing year.
Though not perfect but still it's a great year.
And I do hope next year will be, well, amazing-er 
(haha. That's Tsuki-chan's word that I like ♥)

So, my greatest wishes and hopes for next year, will be a healthy selves.
Happy people. True friends will still remain.
& more love around the world.

Love. Love. Love
Happy New Year everyone ♥



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