Ohh it's September

1:26 PM

Whoaaa! It's already the ninth month of the year. So fast. I will turn sixteen with nothing to prove that I'd accomplished something productive.... pathetic me....

It has been seven days since September had begun. I told myself I must blog on the first day of this month because September is special to me. We are kinda related. And I love this month. But sadly and obviously, I didn't attain it.

So, now that I already am finished telling my love of September. I will turn this to my late August happenings. Well, for almost seven months, my sisters and I didn't had a chance to go out and bond. I mean, the eating together stuff, making fun of each other, laugh our bellies out and the time of us girls to have fun(only me & my two sisters. We rarely go out alone together. Always with our parents...). And for me, since school has started I was always in the house. If you're going to ask why..it's because I had to stop my studies for some reason. My parents told me in the most gentle and caring way that I will back on school on second semester. But, giving a thought on this for quite a month, thinking of our current situation, I insisted that I'd decided to be back next school year instead. I prefered it that way and for me, it was the better time. Or perhaps the best. So, turning back on our not so usual day(Tuesday.08.31.11), we went to the mall. Actually, my cousin told my sister and my sister gave me the message that she wanted to meet up at the mall 'coz she had something she wanted me to see. We planned then, on going. But she couldn't make it so it turned to that way. It's a fun day. A rare one too. And the fun has doubled for my dad came back home! yay! You see, he's in another place, working... and he had two weeks to spend with us. A joyous day, no?

Time for my currents and updates! (I won't tell you the novels, anime though.)

Listening: Come Clean by Hilary Duff
Read: Dengeki Daisy(Ch. 38 & 39) and Kaichou wa Maid-sama!(Ch 63)

Guess that was all. I would write all of it on the next post with my review of them.
So, Ja ne'


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