Sweet Sixteen

2:37 PM

Yesterday, 09.21.11, I welcomed the world of sixteen and bid my farewell to fifteen. I would say that, I didn't have a full bliss yesterday though I was happy with the things going on. Haha. The loneliness fades away quickly. Tell you what, I am planning to have a to-do-list and must-accomplished goals before I turn 17. And that was next year. Of course, as I knew myself... I would just slack it off until next year... and when the time was near, I would feel frustrated as always. Self-pity and whatsoever.

Anyway, I should have post this blog yesterday... but as usual, I don't feel like blogging...
I would like to tell you that yesterday was also the "International Peace Day". Oh. I love serenity. Now I know why. ROFL. (Haha)

I didn't have much to say and a picture to show... So see you again at the next post. ^__^

(Ohh.. I noticed that the time of my posts here was wrong... I'm going to change that..)


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