National Kiss Day

8:43 PM

09.09.11. Today. According to Twitter(or rather the posts on twitter) it was the "National Kiss Day".
Oh. yes. I will have to mentally kissed my loved ones tonight! Can't do it personally & physically(don't ask why please... ok. will tell you.. I had an overwhelming shyness/awkwardness or whatever it may called, on expressing affection openly). Well, a guy is excluded of course. I don't have a special guy before and definitely not today(I'm saying this when the picture I used was a couple kissing.. right, so lame). So my kiss will be for my one and only family, my relatives, beloved sisters, true and real friends and let's not forget those gorgeous fictional characters and celebrity hunks. And God. ♥

This is a wonderful day. I had an advance birthday party or a pre-party!
'mwuah!' everyone! 

Spread love! LOL "Lots of Love"
Ja ne'


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