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~ sighsss... (negative aura already emanating *sighs*)
I should be blogging yesterday, on the first day of the month(August 1) but it's obviously didn't happen. Our internet connection had been disconnected for the time that I was using the PC, so lucky of me eh? Yeah. SUPER! >_<

Anyway, I'm glad I had a chance to blog. I'm home alone right now and just browsing some sites, my tabs mainly composed of Yahoo, Tweetdeck, Textnovel, Blogger(of course), Mangareader(Dengeki Daisy Ch.33), and facebook(Tiniercafe). I also open another window of GC, and that included few tabs of Youtube(OHSHC ep. 13). If my mom was here, she certainly scolded me, having so much tabs that could flood the browser. HAHAHA. And also, I'm listening to my anime songs!! COLLECTION! xD

Beside the bliss I'm feeling right now, there's this phone of mine which got crashed yesterday while I'm watching Itazura na Kiss! How horrible!! I have 588+ drafts messages there, mostly notes and quotes/anime quotes. ~cries~ And my NOTES! Where I wrote my stories and ideas! T_T  WHAT A LUCKY GIRL! Oh yeah. But I hope, really, that my phone doesn't delete them. I can't even imagine it!!!! T_T

Okay, I will just turn this to Itazura na Kiss, on which I just finished watching last night! OHMY! I cried so hard, I'm so moved by the episodes... I like how Naoki really change into a pleasant guy and they have a baby girl!! How was that? So touching! ♥ From being a High School Senior to College Students to Qualified Applicants to being a Parents!!! I can't sleep because of that. Thinking the things that happen to them. So fast, Kotoko quoted. Even I, think so. Well, you should watch this if you still don't.
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Anyhow, there's this book I'm reading, The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. I am in the middle part of it and I can't help but write it up here even though I still didn't know how it'll end. But it was so awesome and well-written so I'd written it up. I like the game they're playing, "The Truth"(Macy and Wesley). I like how Sarah wrote it. Very precise, not too poetic but not that simple too, and what great about it, is that it was on easy reach, like it's not that hard to understand and you can relate to it, so realistic. It's also amazing of Sarah that she made it like Macy was a real person, that there's really a story like that, a real one on where she just got the concept and the scenes, and that she was just writing it. Sharing it to people. A must read. Sarah's novel are.

 And last thing, I love Wesley! Hahaha.. ♥

About my story, well, I'm a bit hopeless! Huhu. As I said earlier, my phone crashed. I'm crying again. T_T

Oh well, watch this trailer of Mandy Moore, Love Wedding Marriage. Did I ever mention before that I love Mandy Moore when I saw her in A walk to remember or that I love her song, Cry even before that? If I still didn't, then I just did. xD Watch the video. ♥

The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen 
-- Wesley ♥

-- Chapter 62

Itazura na Kiss
-- [insert a check here]

Ouran High School Host Club
-- Episode 15 Karuizawa Refreshing Battle

Dengeki Daisy
-- Chapter 33 So I can meet with you

Kimi ni Todoke
-- will be on play, after finishing OHSHC

Bishies/Bishounen: Takumi Usui, Zen Wistaria, Kazehaya Shouta, Host Club Members(except Haruhi because she's a girl), Daisuke Niwa, Dark Mousy, Kaito Domoto, Kaname Kuran, Ryuji Takasu, Haruna Sekikawa

Bishoujo: Hikari Hanazono, Misaki Ayuzawa, Taiga Aisaka, Minorin Kushieda, Sawako Kuronoma, Sunako Nakahara, Riku Harada, Lucia Nanami, Ami Kawashima, Nori Sakurada

Novel hunks: Ian O'shea, Wesley(The Truth About Forever), Dexter(This Lullaby), David Wade(What Happened to Goodbye), Zachary Farraday(Night Road), Chris Treem(The Kiss Test)


Contentment = Happiness


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