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9:03 AM

I just conclude that I'm more of a night person. Actually, that 'just' is wrong though. I'd been like this for almost 15 years of my life. I usually told everyone that I have an insomnia though I really am not sure of that but I think I really am an insomniac. Confusing eh? Haha. Anyway, last night, as typical of me, I slept late again. You'll loathe the words 'I slept late again' if I typed it up here how many agains I'd been through. So, as I said, I slept late last night. It's because of me, listening to random music playing from my phone. Most of it was senti songs and that songs led me to reminisce the senior prom that I missed. Unluckily of me, I don't join this last and the most awaiting moment of my senior year. I don't know why prom is a big of a deal but I just include that to my specials.

It's really weird of me to create a prom in my mind on 1 am in the morning but I felt happy and it feels like I had join them, even though I exactly don't know the place or the hotel that our prom was held. I feel wonderful dancing with anyone who invites me and with such nice songs I clearly miss the days and disheartened. Ohhhh.. I'm being pathetic again.....

Let's leave cynicism or pessimism behind.

Somehow, I was happy that my story was progressing! Yay! I will edit it up more.. so that it will be good.
btw, here's my two other blogs: Let's Live Positively and LOVE

~ Currents ~

HunterxHunter, I miss this anime, really. This was my childhood anime. Well, it was so long time ago since I watched this and it's a good thing that my classmate lend me his Anime CD collection so that I can watch some Anime, mostly shounen. But anyway, I still so love it! I'm really into shoujou type animes but this, with some shounen type of animes really catched my attention. It was thrilling and exciting. The action was there and I am in eager to know what will happen next. Yay! Go hunters! Gon, Kilua, Kurapica and Leorio-san! (Leorio wants him to be addressed with -san)

Anime: Hunterxhunter
- on their third examination @ Trick Tower

Manga: L-DK
- @ chapter 14

Song: All About Him by Auburn
- Temptation Island Trailer Song

Movie: Burlesque
- watched for 7th time

Book: So Over You - Gwen Hayes
- Jimmy Foster 100 times! xD

TV Series: Playful Kiss
- had a fluttery stomach

Adored: The new Gelo Baek
- I like him more when he's smiling1

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
- Albert Einstein


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