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I had a dream. I was in a room where I am supposed to be a college student. But as dream as it is, it is weird, with a few students, professor that I vaguely knew but I'm sure I see him somewhere and that lucid atmosphere that I know I'm just dreaming. Well, I'm with my brother in there, and have this new cellphone which got cracked. And somehow it also feels that I'm a high-schooler which made it weirder or maybe I am a semi. LOL

Anyhow, I was having this book fetish. If I had enough money to buy all the books that I want, really, I will. Haha. But that was still out of sight for me so I just download them and put them into my cellphone. I got 80+ books in here: Harry Potter Series, The Chronicles of Narnia Series, Sarah Dessen's Novels, Deb Caletti's Novels, and some random books I chose. I hope I can finish all of that. I'm currently reading, The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. 

That aside, I want you to meet Samuel Lawrence Lopez Concepcion or simply, Sam Concepcion. A singer, dancer, host and model. Born on October 17, 1992 in Manila, Philippines. Achieving so much in a young age, Sam(18) played the young Jose Rizal in the play, Sino ka ba, Jose Rizal at the age of five. At nine, he played the role of Edmund Pevensie in the local stage adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. He also joined Little Big Star, be in a commercial(Maggi Sinigang sa Miso), appeared on shows: Sineskwela and Hirayamanawari.
Other shows: at ABC 5's A.S.T.I.G(All Set to Imitate God), TV 5's Lipgloss, ABS-CBN's Boystown; I Love Betty La Fea and other shows on ABS-CBN.
Musicals/Play: High School Musical, N.O.A.H[No Ordinary Aquatic Habitat], and the upcoming Peter Pan play.
And being a Youth Ambassador for Education and the Arts in the 3rd district of Manila.  Clearly, he is a charming and talented young man of our generation! That's why I love him! xD

Who could resist Takumi Usui's charm? Him, being taciturn just made him more charming and attention grabbing, really. And also his half-perverted attacks to Misaki is - which I think isn't pervert in any way I look at it - just a plain teasing and his way of showing his anxiety and love. My latest read of the manga was Chapter 61.5 and now, waiting for the next release. I'm excited to see what's next! I also read it again, chapter 1-3. Nostalgic it is! Love KWMS!

Review: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Tangled, starring Mandy Moore as Rapunzel, Zachary Levi as Eugene Fritzherbert/Flynn Rider and Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel. I watched it this year(2011), for almost nine times. Yes, you read it right, nine times. The first time we watched it, I was like - fall in love with it on the first sight. It was so funny. On that same day, I watched it again, alone this time, and I teared up(I don't cry when people were around). After that, we watched it again and again and again and again, and still love it. My favorite part was when Eugene cut her hair and it turned brunette. I didn't expect that to happen and I was happy that he did it. Even the last part! I love it! And the songs, I really love Mandy Moore, if you didn't know it. The characters were awesome. Storyline is - I think - awesome too. HAHA. In short, I love this movie!!!! [I watched it first before Burlesque]

Ouran High School Host Club(OHSHC). ohh. I love this anime! So much of a comedy! HAHA. I love Tamaki's exaggerations and the funny faces that the host club members make on various emotions. I find it so funny that they were calling commoner this and that. And I love most of the episodes! Especially, when they were on the artificial pool, Ootori's private beach, Haruhi's house, and everything! HAHA. I know I'm really hard to understand so please just bear with me. Anyway, this is a gender bender genre of anime.
So, back to the anime, I love and love and love and love and love this. I watched this before but I didn't cover all the episodes. Now, I'm watching it and I remember why I love this anime so much before. I forgot about the story because I watch it 3 years ago so I vaguely remember the episodes. But now, I know why and I won't forget why. LOL. If you still didn't watch it. Give it a try! Watch it! A school-romantic-comedy anime! OHSHC = LOVE

Credits: Google, Picnik, Picasa 3, WeHeartIt, Minitokyo
Source: Animation Soundtracks(KWMS), Sam ConcepcionPeter Pan(Sam Concepcion), Tangled


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