I am a dreamer

5:20 AM

Oh. Paris. 
I will reach you one day.
I know that won't happen today.
Not yet tomorrow.
Neither do a year.
The next five years..
hmm. No.
But I also know one thing.
That certain day.
I will set my feet in there.
Ask someone to took my picture with that soaring tower.
With someone.
Or just by myself.
Of course, I am a dreamer.
I like dreaming.
In broad daylight or in cold night.
And that will stand as my motivation.
To strive harder.
To do the best that I could.
I will. I will. 

Oh yes. A dramatic and at the same time, nonsensical poem-like stuff. I'll tell you this, that is not a poem. And nobody would consider it one. But I made it in a poem-esque way.Anyhow, there's this history on why I love to go there, in Paris. It was a little stupid reason as to how I ended up wanting to go there someday. 

I was just an elementary student. Hovering into 3rd grader or maybe lower or higher than that.
I wasn't certain on the exact date. I saw that tower, I think, on television. And my elder brother told me
that it was called Eiffel Tower. That it was on Paris, France. And it was a high tower that,
if you climb up to it, to the highest floor, you can see a beautiful sight. It was also higher than the 
city's enormous, gorgeous structures. You can see the whole place, the whole Paris. 
Perhaps, more than that. Though, I had acrophobia. I want to be there at the top. 
And to see that amazing view up there.

I thought about going it with a friend. Or maybe if I can afford, I can come with my family. It was my dream to be on Paris. A long time dream. My childhood dream. And still dreaming of it. Anyway, I hope I can do it. :)

I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams. - Jonas Salk

Credits: Tumblr and For the picture with quote


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