July 1st

2:23 AM

I unbelievably woke up earlier than usual today. It's very rare for me to get off of my bed for 10 am but I managed to do so at 9 am. Yay! I even watched the morning anime marathon, Pokemon( on Hoenn region), then the final episode of Flame of Recca which will be replaced by Detective Conan on Monday, after that, Ghost Fighter and then the ever-so-funny-anime, Slamdunk. You just can't stop laughing at this anime. It was so funny, their expressions, players teasing the so called Stupid Sakuragi but he has a great potential to be a great basketball player just developed his skills. Go Shohoku!

Then, we went to our lunch and after that, I stared at the television to watched the noontime show. I got a lot of laughs at it. Tomorrow again. And as usual, I'm in here again, in front of the computer, opening my sites and blogging. But I just - a while ago - watched the first episode of HunterxHunter for the reason that I so miss it and luckily I got a CD of it borrowed from a classmate. And currently on play, the episode two of it. By the way, I'm also enjoying eating boiled quail eggs(itlog pugo to be called here). It's just like a small boiled egg. HAHA

Anyway, I've been missing Grand Chase for this week. I only played it once. haha. I felt so lazy playing games. I suddenly went back to my old self, the cyber freak, so addicted to blogs and her favorite social networking sites, reading manga and watching anime. So I guess I will apologize to my RenxRika for now. I promise I will open my account in there some other time.

 Can you see the girl on the left? She's Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul. That's a heavy name. xD I'm having a hard time pronouncing it... so I just go with Fern. So, Fern a very pretty girl I saw on the movie A thing called love(First Love) with a very cute and handsome Mario Maurer. It's a Thailand movie on which Fern looked ugly as the plot summary said when I looked up at one. But I think she isn't, even in her dark complexion and short black hair. She is still cute and very adorable. She has a crush in one of the handsome boys on school and that is Shone. I really don't understand the movie for the reason that we watched it -together with my lil sister- not on subbed or even on dubbed. So we just feel what they're saying 'coz it's Thailand language. HAHAHA. Good thing I had a little common sense to understand the movie. Anyhow, when Fern transformed into this very pretty, long-haired and a has fair complexion girl. She was so beautiful and my first thought is that she looks like Kim Chui. I really admire her beauty and even been jealous of it. OHH!! She's so PRETTY! Go Fern! ♥

Thanks for reading if there is anyone who reads such a lame blog. Ja ne'

From me: My dear blog, thank you so much for listening to my ranting every time. I was so glad I had you as a best listener and maybe a friend too. I'm so glad to know that someone was reading my lame blog contained a super lamer posts from an ultimate lame person. haha. So much of a drama, but really, I love my blog/s! Love you ♥


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