Late at night

12:48 AM

It's 12:44 am in here. I just look at my clock when I started writing this. It's a bit late 'coz I'm the only one awake in here in our house and just finished watching -for the fifth time already- "Burlesque".

Ali/Alice(Christine Aguilera) is an orphan from Iowa who left her hometown to go to Los Angeles.  A small town girl with a super size talent (as quoted by this site) who looks for a job and end up in the lounge own by Tess(Cher). Captivated by the show she just watched, she decided she wants to perform up on that stage. She's determined and very persistent but really good at heart.

The plot was so great that it captivates my heart. The characters was very endearing and you couldn't resist loving them all. Christina Aguilera was so talented and her character was so lovable. Plus, Jack (Cam Gigandet of Twilight) whose eyes was so sexy and I think he is a very gentle guy. I also like Georgia(Julianne Hough) for the reason that she doesn't just pretty and gorgeous but she is also a very talented/professional dancer. I love to watch her dance countless times. And Nikki(Kristen Bell) who has the same name as mine so I feel akin to her. HAHA. Just the name okay. Not the looks and the talent. Not that. I just so surprise to see her character as the antagonist because I first watched her in When in Rome and Couple's Retreat on which she's kind, demure, gentle and she played the protagonist one. But I'm not upset on that I was also glad to see her in this. She's sexy and talented too. Though I don't see her dance so long like Julianne and Christina. I still love her. Yay!!
Then, there's Sean(Stanley Tucci), who I first saw in The Devil Wears Prada, I like him here! He's the same as he is in the "The devil wears prada". He is such a great supporting actor. Yay. I also love the songs! All of it. Absolutely into the Burlesque Soundtrack. My favorite of all is "Bound to you". I so love it!

All in all, I utterly love the movie. Everything in it! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

"Sweet love, sweet love, trapped in your love.... I found the man I can trust and boy I believe in us. I am terrified to love for the first time. Can't you see that I'm bound in chains. I finally found my way. I am bound to you."


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