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 Welcome Summer! I can feel you now. It's so HOT!

Well, what is summer if it is cold? Nonsense right? It can't be summer so it can't be helped obviously, just bear with it.

Summer is suppose to be fun, exciting, beach will come in, the sunlight and what? Vacation. Yes. Summer break. I just got a break from an almost a year studying or maybe slacking. HAHA.

Let's leave that behind, for now I'll want to share this, my strange summer activities or pastime.  It's really boring staying inside the house and doing nothing right?
 I wake up late every morning around 10 am-11 am, got up and eat lunch. After that, it's either playing monopoly or cards, or listen to music with volume that can tear your ear out(exaggeration eh?), or movie marathon(we've watched a lot), and there's this as-usual-hobby-of-mine, surfing the internet, watching anime, reading manga, learning CSS online, learning how to play some songs in piano/organ, blogging, also playing games in computer like Summon Night 1 & 2, Harvest Moon and Sims Bustin' Out. I also do biking, night-biking, and the last time to do is to sleep late around 2 am or 3 and sometimes 5 am. I don't know if these are considered as an activity but that is what I'm doing consecutively. xD

Some updates?

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! This year I read this three amazing new chapters of KWMS! Chapter 57, 58, and 59. And it was, OH MY USUI! It was so cute. I can't stop myself from smiling or KILIGIN! haha. well. Those three chapters with chapter 56 includes the Christmas that they were together, with their date in the amusement park afterwards, then the continuation in the ferris wheel on which Misaki was planning to confessed and give the hand-made muffler there but failed to do so. After that, the gentle guy Takumi brought Misaki home then bid goodbye and walked his way. Misaki was worried and nervous at the same time knowing that this is her chance to confess. She, then called Usui and Yes, if you read it they became a couple there. A true couple. Next chapter, Misaki told the staff of the Maid Latte that they were dating and they're happy about it. Next, was the day before the school trip where Usui keeps on going to Misaki's classroom and telling that he wants to see Ayuzawa. haha. And just read it. I spoiled the fun so much. JUST READ IT! You'll surely love it! 

Mangas that I've been reading and had read.
|Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu|Kimi ni Todoke|Koi no Uta|
|Bokura ga Ita(re-read)|Love Berrish|

 Lots of Manga/s to read in the future. And lots of updates to make. I'm looking forward to April 27, the date that my dear Takumi Usui was born. Advance Happy Birthday to him! Love him so much! <3

Love lots!


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