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It's been a month and a quarter since the day I blogged. I'm kinda frustrated and busy lately. Doing stuffs like staring at nowhere, reading manga all night long, cry for all the sad things, focusing in my novel that I didn't finished yet and worry, again, to such things all over again.

It's always like that. It was devastating. There were many unfortunate events happen. Like, last January, my father lost his job and we lost our car because we sell it, and my little sister got hospitalized for about a month and a half, and had 3 surgeries because of her stomach, so all of the remaining money is lost too. Also, I didn't make it to the JS Promenade, My parents didn't want me to attend for some obvious reason and I accept it, it can't be helped. Then there's this graduation swimming party that is happening today, March 30, 2011, and I'm right here in front of the computer, blogging. Yes, I didn't join again though I really want to. It's our last bonding moment with my classmates. I cried and wept although that two is the same, I still do both but still nothing happen. I was really here, this ain't a dream. It was reality.

There's also this, I'd finished reading the book that my classmate lend me. It's a novel written by Elizabeth Gilbert, "Eat.Pray.Love". It's a great book. It's about her journey in finding pleasure and divine transcendence and the third one is finding the balance between that two. She went into three I's which are, Italy, India and Indonesia. It is full of knowledge and writer's opinion, also full of wittiness. It's a must read. xD
I also watch the trailer of its movie. I want to watch it. <3

One more thing, I was reading "The Host" again. Yes. You read it right. I read it again and for the fifth time already but the difference is that I'm not reading it in a book but rather in my own cellphone. I download the book and transfer it to my cellphone something like an app I guess. But I was so glad that I can have that on my own cellphone. THIS IS SO DAMN AWESOME!

Notice: I don't know what happen in the date of the post. It says, Tuesday March 29, 2011 but I wrote this post on Wednesday March 30, 2011.


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