Happy Birthday!

6:29 AM

I must say, Belated Happy Birthday.
It's Takumi Usui's bornday yesterday
And I want to greet him a
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

I do hope I can say it to him personally
But for obvious reason,
I can't.
Again, Belated Happy Birthday to my Dear Takumi Usui! <3

Anyway, I finished reading the book of Sharon Mckelden, The Kiss Test. And I'll be honest, I cried. Not sob. but cry. It was 4 am in the morning, I was still awake, reading it and the last chapter made me cry. It touched my heart. Christopher Treem was so sweet, romantic and the best bestfriend. Margo Gentry is really lucky to have him.

Short post this time. :)
Ja ne'


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