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7:29 AM

 Okay, I read couple of books lately in my own cellular phone. It’s a Java Software downloaded from Internet of course. I don’t know it until I discovered it in some website. I downloaded The Host by Stephenie Meyer first. Read it thrice in the book ‘coz it’s my favorite. I love Wanda and Ian. Haha. Then Read it again in my CP. Next was, Night Road by Kristin Hannah. Got carried away with the novel and cried all night long until 8 am. Yeah, wide awake. Then The Kiss Test by Shannon Mckelden. Cried on the last chapter. Chris was so sweet. Really. After, I started reading Breathless of Lurlene Mcdaniel. Of course, mostly of all Lurlene’s novels were about cancer, bone cancer to be precise(the novel Breathless is about). It’s inspiring really. I cried on that too. It was heartbreaking. And next on my list, Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti. Obviously, it was about fate. I’m glad Lani and Jason end up together. xD
And now, I just finished reading We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han. It has a nice story. I'm glad that Isabel Conklin end up with Conrad Fisher. I knew it would be that way. Also glad that Jeremiah Fisher, the younger one, let her go. *thumbs up*
I've got 32 books in my CP right now. 7 of it was already read. So that means I have 25 books to read.Good luck to me then. Hope to finished all of it before school starts.

Books earlier, and now about my favorite. Anime/Manga.

Hiyokoi, on the go, I discover it in one of my Otaku mags but I've been encouraged by the blog I've followed. It was anime though, but I read the manga instead. Sloww buffering. I hate it. Liking, Hirose Yuushin even though he was annoying. Haha. Yeah. It was too perfect. I can't picture it in my head. But I still read it. It's curiosity and the character's perfection attracts me, I guess. I'll keep track of how will Nishiyama Hiyori will change.

Bokura Ga Ita, I'm in chapter 30 already 'coz I can't see where chapter 21-29 were. I've been into google, search it up but I found nothing. Poor me.Yes. This manga was sure to make our eyes cry and our hearts ached.
 Though I hate Yano Motaharu because of his annoying behavior. Hurt and hurt and hurt Nanami Takahashi all over again because of Yamamoto's sister. Both of them. Anyway, I like Masafumi Takeuchi more. 'Coz he's nice guy, a great bestfriend, mature, understanding and I hate that he was so sacrificing. Bokura ga Ita. A much recommend.. <3

Kimi ni Todoke, loving this manga. It gives me the heart thumping experience I've been experiencing when I was reading KWMS! Yeah. My most favorite manga(KWMS!). I like Shouta Kazehaya. He was so real. A tad bit perfect but not so. Haha. Hard to understand eh? Just bear with me. *grins*
Though the story was not so realistic not unlike Bokura ga ita. Sawako Kuronoma was so super nice. Super as in super. She was so naive and beautiful. I LOVE HER! So cute! I also like Chizuru and Ayane and Ryuu who barely remembers people's name except Chizuru's. Haha. <3

Watched: Itazura na Kiss (Ep. 5)
-- slow video buffering makes me annoyed at it.

Movie: Whisper of the Heart (unfinished)
-- I want to download the movie but I don't know where.

Listening: Lost by Katy Perry
-- Have you ever been so lost? <3

Video: Scandal performed Don't Say Lazy with Shoko Nakagawa (youtube)
-- Love Haruna Ono. Love her voice. <3

No time to say good-bye. Even though I just typed it!
Ja ne'


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