It's a New Decade

9:55 AM

Happy New Year!
Yoi otoshi o omukae kudasai !
I hope it's right. I search it. xD

New Year has passed and for a few months I will be heading to the next chapter of my life which is college. Speaking of which, I still didn't decided about it yet. I do have a lot of choices, No a few choices. But I don't think I can give my all in that course. Because as my research resulted, that's about the factors in choosing a college course. First of all, we shall choose a course that is suitable for our hobbies, likes, interest, or aptitude so that we will enjoy studying it and we can have the advantage cause we have the skills to do it. And of course the money matters. Right now, money is the powerful thing except to GOD cause HE is the most powerful of all. Okay, let's go back to money, it can probably do anything. If you have a lot, then you can do whatever you want except for the things that you know okay? I know that you know what I'm talking about. And what I'm talking about is that, by having money you can go to school that you want. Study to exclusive schools, have the things that you need. Complete as it is. And with the additional wants of course. You have a dream-like life. But not all of us have enough of that. So most of us was dealing with it, because there's nothing we can and we shall do our best. Study as hard as we can, graduate at college. Work. and help our parents. And that's it. That's the particular way of living that most of us or rather most of the people I've known.


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