One Farewell

6:18 AM

I will gonna miss those times when I slept too late as in too late just to surf internet. And chat with someone that I saw in the chatbox and asked them why they are still awake, reblog stuffs that are really awesome, update what's going on with my life for every minute, and blogging what I feel.

For a few hours, I couldn't do it anymore.

I'm saying goodbye to one of my upcoming farewell for this year. As they said, "Time is Gold" so don't take it for granted. We must spend our time wisely to those person that we love. People will come to our life and will leave us or can leave us just in a snap of a finger or even in one swift blink of an eye. My point? Treasure them as much as you can. Let them know how you care for them and how you love them.

First, I will bid my goodbye to this laptop I'm using. For the reason that it will be gone. I didn't mean that it 's broken, this laptop will be on its way to Qatar with my Dad. And that was the second, I want to say my goodbye to my Loving Father who will be back to Qatar tomorrow morning and the sad part of it is that he doesn't want us to drive him to NAIA. He wants to go there alone. He doesn't want to cry. Me too. But... ><

I will miss him so much!!

Pa, If you'll gonna read this I want you to know that, I love you always!
even though I don't say it so much. Take care ! We will Miss you! <3>


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