My not-so-perfectly-good day

8:12 AM

My not-so-perfectly-good day
but sure is a happy one

It's already midnight and I was here in our room doing this stuff. Okay so let's start. 

I have a good day today. Though it's not perfect, but it was way too good. I enjoyed it a lot. Even though I was right here inside my house all day long. Doing nothing but surfing the internet and do the chores, and of course don't forget the sleeping matters because I'm a bit of an insomniac. I can't sleep early so I felt dizzy the next day in waking up so early in the morning... more on vertigo I guess!

And the best in that was the eating time. I used to eat a lot, but unfortunately don't have the chance of getting fat or just a little. I'm a bit unhealthy, dehydrated or lack in nutrition I'd say. *sighs* (sighs in frustration, a deep one)


Okay I'm a frustrated girl, Yes I am! I admit that. And I can't change that. No, I can but I do not know what to do. Argghhh! Want to offer some help? xD

Well, I must do it myself. If I can't do this then I'm a loser. So wish me good luck then? I'll appreciate it a lot ! =]


oh by the way, there's this 3 books of Stephenie Meyer's popular novel Twilight. =]
And this is not about the twilight. This is about another novel, a science fiction novel of Stephenie Meyer. It is entitled, "The Host"It's about the last human girl on earth that was captured by the invaders called, "souls". The souls can imitate a human personality perfectly. That's why, when they invaded the earth the humans do not know of them until it's too late. The girl name was Melanie and the soul put in her body was the soul called, "Wanderer". Wanderer had  fallen in love with the man that her host loved. For that, she turned her way to search for him and became, as Ian quoted, " an expatriate". Wanderer and Melanie wandered along the deserted desert.
That's all I can say for now. A bit confusing right? haha..

Stephenie Meyer: The Host Pictures, Images and Photos

[Official Site of Stephenie Meyer ]
Here's the link for more information.



And one more thing, guys. This will be the last, promise!
I really do love this manga.

Akagami no Shirayukihime
or may I say
Red-haired Snow White Princess

It's quite addictive. So romantic and the characters are so cute and awesome!
An awesome manga to read.!

Red Haired Snow White Princess
This site is dedicated to this wonderful couple, Zen and Shirayuki!

Love Lots,
Miss Heart


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