My another ramble

4:43 PM

Why am I super gloomy these days? >__<

It's already the fourth day of October and I told myself I should post on last day of September. (super slack!) As you can see, I, again, didn't able to blog on the first day of the month... and I always tell myself I must... I really must.. I guess, that's why I'm this gloomy... or idk.

Aside from my gloominess, I would like to greet these two kawaii ladies below.

Misaki Ayuzawa of KWMS! on the left and Aihara Kotoko of Itazura na Kiss on the right.
It's Misaki's birthday last September 29 while Kotoko's on the 28th.

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y !

For my currents and updates and want-to-share-news. Well, here it is.

Dengeki Daisy Chapter 43(latest read)
-- Whoa! It's getting exciting!

KWMS! Chapter 64(latest read)
-- Usui's leaving Seika High School! >__< 
Though, she left Misaki a blatant kiss in front of the school. HAHA. (blush♥)

Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 59(latest read)
-- I love how it's going after the season two on anime. They're so lovey-dovey ♥ ♥ ♥

Bokura ga Ita Chapter 33
-- Where's Yano?

Kimi ga Suki(new)
-- Wow! I like the plot of this new anime I've been reading... Currently on Volume 2 ; )

Guess that's all for now. 
Thank you for reading another lame post.
Ja ne' 


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