Bokura wa itsumo

10:41 PM

I had read a nice novel last night and finished it at 5 am in the morning. I can't sleep, thinking on what will happen next. I'm craving for the next scenes and happenings that it washed away all the sleepiness I felt. I tried to sleep, cover my face with a big pillow that I was having a hard time breathing. That was one of the way I sleep. My head covered with a big and heavy pillow that it pushes my obstinate skull to rest. And it really helped most of the times. But in some crucial times where my head was really not into it. I just lay awake with my eyes closed trying really hard to sleep but still I can't. I positioned myself as comfortable as possible and nothing helped at all. I just make myself more awake. But then the story I had read, kept me awake this time. The novel is, "Not that kind of girl" I forgot the author. But I'll searched it up later. The author is Siobhan Vivian. I think that's her pseudonym though I'm not certain. Oh this supposed-to-be-about-the-book-post turned again into a lame post of mine. Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. Anyway, this is just my babbling so it's okay I guess. xD


I'm currently into Bokura wa Itsumo(We were always). It has a very touching story . Four teenagers who were dwelling to find what truly love is, wanting someone, hide their emotions, and love with all their might. It's nice or even great to see such gorgeous characters with such a nice storyline, very interesting and captivating, in a one pack of a manga. I love it!
I'm kinda disappointed though, they still don't release the chapter 16. Release it please! If I could do the scanlating, I will.

Sakurada, Nori - a cute short haired girl who was talkative, very thoughtful and helpful. She, Haruna, Saeka and Kyou were childhood friends though Haruna came when they were around grade school and spent a little time and went back on the city without any notice.
Mishima, Saeka - a chubby girl when she was little but suddenly change to a gorgeous, pretty girl as she went on in high school. She loved their calligraphy teacher back then when they were elementary but he left and she just waited until she was sixteen as he promised her that he will be back for her or rather visit.
Murakami, Kyousuke - a young heir of their family who was called the platinum prince by many. He has it all, looks, money, and intelligence though Saeka called him idiot. He, Saeka and Nori were childhood friends.
Sekikawa, Haruna - a mysterious boy who showed up in Nori/Saeka/Kyou's lives when they were in elementary. Nori cheered him up whenever he looked gloomy, depressed and alone. He had a dark past as her mother took suicide in a river with him on tow but only he was saved.

I really suck at explaining. I only explained it halfway 'cause I'm really lacking at I don't know what. Anyhow, the manga made me cried a lot, as in a lot. It was really touching and I like how the story revolved around them. Leaving them caught off guard many times. A must recommend manga. Read it. ♥


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