Warning: This is a rant

4:30 PM

Girl has a guy friend. 
That guy likes her. But unfortunately, she loves another guy. 
And the guy that the girl likes has a girlfriend already.
While the guy friend of the girl has an older sister,
who was a model, beautiful and all, has a boyfriend.
And that guy(older sister's boyfriend) was the one whom the girl fell in love to.

OH MY GOODNESS! Why is it so complicated? 
Oh well. I want to continue reading that manga.
It's getting more interesting as the chapter progress. What will happen next?

La ~ 
I had tons of manga/s to read. I wasn't updated on them more often these days... (I'm trying to lessened my usage of computer with internet. Take note: With Internet) Anyhow, I managed too. xD

Wahhh!!  Kyousuke Murakami looks so cute here!!
The limelight of my post for today was, none other than, Bokura wa Itsumo. Wondering why? Because my long wait is over!! I just finished reading my much-awaiting next chapter of it... it's been a long time since I read the chapter before the last(Chapter 15). I am so happy to read the next chapter which was Ch.16!!! Yay!!! Kyousuke & Saeka will make a good couple.. really ~
Please let them be! xDDD

Well, the manga was just starting... so I was so disappointed for not having able to read it at a pleasurable pace. Anyway.. I was so eager to put music on my blog.. but I don't know how!!! SO LAME OF ME right? Yea, I know... (But I got help, from Donna-chan, one of my co-blogger and friend here ;) )

Updates & currents will be later. Limited time again, eh. 

"If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?"


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